Fairway Casino is a gambling establishment in the city of Fairfield, Connecticut

Fairway Casino is a golf-themed online casino that is intended to make its players feel like they are on the fairway. Its primary differentiating feature is the availability of Live Casino games, which are offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the site. Playing from expert dealers in a studio in San Jose, Costa Rica, players will be able to enjoy a Live Casino experience that is unlike anything else on the market today.

Founded in 2010 by its parent business, Visionary iGaming Casinos, Fairway Casino is one of only two sites run by the parent company,

the other being Celtic Casino. Fairway Casino is owned and operated by Visionary iGaming Casinos. It should be noted that, as implied by the location of the Live Dealers’ offices, the site is also licensed in Costa Rica, which is a nation located in the Central American area. Despite the fact that it is located thousands of miles away from Europe, there is little doubt that this site is focused on this market. The fact that the website is accessible in a number of other languages, including English, Dutch, Italian, Greek, French, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Spanish, is an indicator of this. Although the website is primarily intended for use by players interested in Live Casino games, navigating around the website is simple and accessible to a wide variety of players.

Visitors to the website will find it to be an attractive and rather sparkly platform for casino fans to visit. The website’s logo is shown at the top left hand corner, which is a shield with golf clubs forming a ‘x’ shape around it, with a golf ball positioned in the bottom center of the picture in the bottom right hand corner. If you’re a lover of golf, there’s not much else on the website that is linked to the popular recreational sport in any manner. Those who like golf, on the other hand, will undoubtedly find the casino’s name to be endearing. What is the site’s handicap like? Because of the links on its main page, it receives a bad rating.

One element that jumps out on the header is the ‘Our Dealers’ symbol, which is located in the center of the main screen. This is an important section to note. Players at Fairway Casino may discover more about the individuals that work behind the scenes of the casino’s glamorous attendants by visiting this site. Players may discover their first names from these glamorous and stunning dealers who are situated in Costa Rica and make friends with them by just sharing their last names. Pura Vidal, which translates into English as ‘Life is Cool,’ is what they claim to be saying on their website. Players who get the opportunity to engage with the glitzy croupiers at Fairway Casino will undoubtedly have a great time in their lives. These Tica’s are certain to put a grin on your face, so go ahead and introduce yourself to them immediately; they won’t bite!

Games: As previously indicated in this review, Fairway Casino is primarily concerned with providing a platform for live casino games.

It is as a result that the site is mostly focused on table games, and those wishing to play casino classics like as Roulette. Blackjack, and Baccarat will be delighted to interact with glamorous croupiers while enjoying their favorite titles. Players wishing to save money should be aware that the betting limitations of Fairway Casinos sometimes start at €5 per game, and they should steer clear of their offerings. As an added bonus, the site offers information on who the dealer is for each game, so members can find out if there is a croupier who is especially fortunate for them or who they get along with just by going on to the site! Because some of the games are provided by the Sporting Emporium Casino in Dublin, there is a distinct European flavor to the proceedings as well!

Those wishing to participate in virtual games will do well to sign up with one of the numerous other online casino websites that provide slots or table games, such as Casino.com. Fairway Casino, on the other hand, is clearly not interested in doing so; they aim to distinguish themselves from the rest of the online casino population rather than blend in with them. As a result, the number of slot machines available at Fairway Casino is restricted, to say the least. If you’re a lover of slot machines, there’s simply no purpose in enrolling with Fairway Casino. All of their products are focused on table games, and players will like their selection, which includes tournaments and leaderboards where players can win substantial prizes. If you’re a lover of Live Casino, you should check out Fairway right now – else, don’t waste your time!

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